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Singapore - MacRitchie Reservoir

Saturday 8 September 2007 by Wolf
Singapore - MacRitchie Reservoir MacRitchie Reservoir is Singapore’s oldest reservoir. The reservoir was completed in 1868 by impounding water from an earth embankment, and was then known as the Impounding Reservoir or Thomson Reservoir. The development of the MacRitchie Reservoir brought the forest devastation around the area to a halt. The forest surrounding the reservoir has been protected as a water catchment reserve.
More than one square kilometre of primary forest still flourishes (...)

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Singapore - MacRitchie Reservoir

Saturday 20 August 2011

I have seen at the websites and I am visiting this park very very shortly, then I will keep posting my comments on it. In advance i feel that this park is far better for those who possess stress and depressions and it is true. Singapore ’My eyes in paradise"

This is Idroos M. Nazeer from Dammam Saudi Arabia. 20.8.2011


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